Getting There

  1. You are responsible for your own transportation to the starting point.
  2. We meet on the Friday evening at the village of Lanoraie, 35 minutes east of Montreal. From Montreal follow Autoroute 40 to Exit 130 for Lanoraie; turn right at Chemin de Joliette, toward the river. Our camp site is in the park across the road from the church of Saint Joseph, overlooking the mighty St. Lawrence River. Map
  3. Please arrange your own dinner before arriving in Lanoraie to set up your tent, etc. There will be a general meeting and Q & A at 8:00. Compline will follow in the church.
  4. Drivers and volunteers will move redundant cars (i.e. any vehicles not needed during the pilgrimage) after the Q & A meeting, to the large parking lot at the shrine in Cap de la Madeleine; this means pilgrims will be able to walk without worrying about their car, and will be able to drive home from the Cape without delay.

Note: We wake up at 6 a.m. on the Saturday morning. Please take down your tent and get your bags to the truck as quickly as possible, before getting breakfast.

Warning: Labour Day Weekend traffic can be heavy both ways; please allow plenty of time to reach Lanoraie. No food is provided on the Friday evening.

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Getting there

What to Bring

  1. Well-used, broken-in footwear is recommended. It's a good idea to double up on socks to reduce the likelihood of blisters; that's what the guy at the front does.
  2. Very basic (but good) meals are provided. They consist of bread with jam etc. and coffee or hot chocolate at breakfast; bread and water at lunch; the ame at dinner, plus hot soup. If you want, bring trail mix, granola bars and other energy food to fill the gap and share with others. Please do not bring any food that requires heating; there are no cooking facilities for individuals.
  3. Ample bottled water is included but you may wish to bring a few juice boxes and/or Gatorade.
  4. Bring an insulated mug or thermos to hold hot beverages in the morning and soup in the evening.
  5. Your heavy luggage, such as tents, sleeping bags, and duffel bags with clothing, will be moved by a truck driven by the Worker Pilgrims of the St. Joseph Chapter.
  6. Some pilgrims like to have a day pack (small backpack) in which to carry sunscreen, a hat, a poncho or rainjacket, and an extra bottle of water. It should be as light as possible since you will carry it all day.
  7. The only banners permitted are those with a patron saint or parish symbol. No slogans, signs, or 'organizational' banners are allowed.
  8. You will be provided with a booklet containing the Mass with propers for the three days. No need to bring a Missal.
  9. The spirit of pilgrimage: Your Chapter will be your "family" for the three-day walk. Each pilgrim marches, sings and prays with as much fortitude as personal stamina will allow, maintaining appropriate decorum and deportment throughout. In the spirit of sacrifice and of charity you are urged to be attentive to your fellow pilgrims, assisting and encouraging those who are suffering, discouraged or more weary than yourself.

What to bring: Back-packs, rucksacks, and duffel bags are appropriate.

What NOT to bring: Large suitcases are both unsuitable and too much stuff!

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