Monday Mass and Picnic!

Everyone is welcome to come for mass at the Cathedral and have a picnic with the pilgrims at the parc. If you wish to walk the remaining few kilometers, come talk to one of the organizers at the picnic.

The pilgrims arrive at Assumption Cathedral at 11:15 AM at the usual basement entrance. The cathedral is located at 1101 Rue Royale, Trois-Rivieres G9A 2B3

* NOTE: We expect that there will not be Communion during mass but we may be able to receive Communion at another time during the pilgrimage.

The picnic happens after mass in the park in front of the Ursuline convent as usual. The park is located at 734 rue des Ursulines, Trois-Rivieres G9A 5B5

* NOTE: During the picnic in the public space, we require your cooperation in practicing the social distancing measures mandated by law.


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